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News from around the Probus Club of Phillip Island

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The Block Visits The Probus Club of Phillip Island

Dan and Duncan from The Block took a break from their arduous schedule to visit The Probus Club of Phillip Island at their club meeting in April. 

They kept members entertained for over an hour with their “Block banter” and many humorous anecdotes from their long involvement with the popular TV show.

The club is grateful to Fiona Lowe from The Block for coordinating this with the club’s Guest Speaker Officer, Ruth Hunt.

Lyndall Jonas Induction 1.JPEG

Lyndall Jonas Welcomed to the Fold

Lyndall Jonas was inducted at our February meeting by President Chris Cannin. Welcome Lyndall.

Lost Manuscript.JPEG

Lorraine Smith

The Lost Manuscript

Lorraine came all the way from Port Arlington to tell us the fascinating story of a "lost manuscript" which made it's way from 16th century England to Warrnambool. 


Malcolm Russell

Arts, Culture & Heritage Coordinator at Bass Coast Shire

Our October guest speaker was Malcolm Russell who gave us a great insight into the planning and purpose of our new Cowes Cultural Centre. Malcolm has a background in a wide range of theatre-based performances and visual arts and the production of live contemporary music events and festivals. The centre is in safe hands. Thanks also to Malcolm for stepping in at short notice.  

Geoff Anderson - Speaker 4.JPG

Walhalla Gold Mine Talk.


Our May guest speaker was Geoff Anderson who was the Mine Manager of the Long Tunnel Extended Mine at Walhalla for ten years, until 2021. He gave us a fascinating speech which took us from the discovery of gold around the Walhalla area around 1861 through the mine construction and gold extraction and the difficulties faced during this journey. Thanks Geoff. 

Carmel & David.jpg

2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad.


One of our 3 life members - Carmel Bumpstead (who now lives in Echuca) - was in town recently and joined us for our May meeting. Another life member - David Harrison - was also present and joined Carmel for a snap. Unfortunately John Morris (our 3rd life member) couldn't attend - but as someone once said - 2 out 3 ain't bad.


A Day In The Life of a Myer Lift Driver.


Our April guest speaker, Maria Matser, kept us fascinated with stories and photo's from her many years as a Myer Lift Driver. People from the world of fashion, football, entertainment and just about every walk of life crossed her path as she told us of the ups and downs of the Myer lift. She ended with a "cheeky" story about her close encounter with a musician fond of wearing not much more than a guitar. 


New Member Inducted

President, Chris Cannin was pleased to induct the latest new member - Pauline Porter - at our April meeting. We welcome Pauline. With another six first time visitors at the meeting the "induction wand" will have to be kept handy. 

Probus - 2023 Committee.jpg

A changing of the guard.


At our March AGM the new committee was inducted ready for another year of Friendship & Fun.


It's fair to say that the outgoing committee have performed above and beyond the call of duty being at the helm (albeit in different roles) for the entire COVID period - the worst times that we've known in more than a generation. 

They have well and truly earned their "retirement" from committee duties and the new committee will take the baton and will steer the club into a brighter future. (Ash Rizvi was absent due to illness)

Probus - Cannin & Mortlock.jpg

Outgoing President - Maureen Mortlock - is presented with a certificate of recognition for her 2 years as president by incoming President Chris Cannin. 

"All The Presidents Men" (and women of course). At the Presidents Lunch in early March, outgoing president, Maureen Mortlock (back left) joined past presidents for a couple of snaps.


Good to see so many ex presidents at the lunch too (mind you wild horses can't keep them from a lunch).

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